Mountain Grove Cellars Vineyards

Missouri State University wines are unique in that they are made solely from grapes grown at the Fruit Experiment Station at the Missouri State – Mountain Grove Campus. Our entire crew including faculty, students and field and maintenance supervisors and workers are involved in growing and harvesting the grapes used to produce Missouri State wines. Grape processing usually occurs in August and September and the juice is fermented into wine. Wines then go through finishing operations and are bottled in the spring.

Vineyards and varieties used to make wine or distilled spirits at the cellars:

  • North Vineyard - including Traminette, Norton, Concord and Sunbelt varieties
  • MVEC Vineyard - Chambourcin variety. To be planted in 2011 - Valvin Muscat and Sunbelt
  • Research Vineyard - Cayuga White, Seyval Blanc, and Catawba Varieties
  • West Catawba - Catawba
  • Virus-indexed Mother Block - Norton, Cayuga White, Traminette and Chambourcin