Environmental Plant Science and Natural Resources Department

Protecting, using and sustaining natural resources

The environmental plant science and natural resources department in the William H. Darr College of Agriculture focuses on the sustainable use of our world’s natural resources. Whether through the study of plant diseases or learning about our role in conservation, this department blends classroom learning with hands-on laboratory and field experiences.

The undergraduate programs included within this department include programs that focus on plant usage, soil conservation and education.

Undergraduate programs


Environmental plant science

Grow, manage and work hands-on with plants.


Natural resources

Care for the environment, with a focus on the farming industry. Improve soil, water and landscape quality.


Wildlife conservation and management

Protect animals and their natural habitats.


International plant science

For international Bears who have a passion for plants.


Soil science

Build your credentials in soil.


Sustainable food production

Gain practical, hands-on experiences in growing food for people.

Facilities and resources

Gain valuable hands-on experience at one of our many research facilities, such as the Fruit Experiment Station in Mountain Grove or the Darr Agricultural Center in Springfield.