Program Requirements

If you are pursuing the agriculture option within the general agriculture degree, you must meet the below requirements to be eligible for graduation. Also, you must complete the general education program, fulfill the general baccalaureate degree requirements and complete at least 125 hours of course work.

The agriculture program is a track option within the general agriculture degree. Technically, your degree will be in general agriculture with an emphasis in agriculture.

The general agriculture program is comprehensive, so it does not require the completion of a minor. Please note the different requirements for each of the tracks within the general agriculture program.

General Agriculture (Comprehensive) (BS)

Bachelor of Science

Major requirements (72-75 hours):

Major core (48-51 hours):

Note: 16-17 hours may double count toward General Education requirements.

  1. Specific General Education Requirements:
    1. AGR 100(3).
    2. BIO 101(3) and 111(1); or BIO 121(4).
    3. CHM 107(3) and 108(1); or CHM 116(4) and 117(1); or CHM 160(4).
    4. GEP 101(2) or UHC 110(2) or AGR 301(1).
    5. PSY 121(3).
  2. AGS 101(4); AGN 115(3) or AGP 103(3); AGN 215(3); AGB 144(4); AGR 157(3); AGR 300(3) or CHM 201(3) and 202(2).
  3. Three additional hours from each of the following three areas: Agriculture Business, Animal Science, Environmental Plant Science.
  4. Public Affairs Capstone Experience Requirement: Three hours of AGR 499, Internship.
Complete one of the following options:
Agricultural Communications option (24 hours):
  1. COM 209(3) or MED 120(3); JRN 270(3); AGB 394(1) and 494(1).
  2. 16 additional hours of courses with ENG, MED, COM, or JRN course codes in consultation with advisor.
Agriculture option (24 hours):

Six hours of Agriculture courses from each of the following four areas: Agricultural Business, Animal Science, Environmental Plant Science, Natural Resources.

University level requirements:

  1. General Education Program and Requirements
  2. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements