The Linking to Focus on Agriculture Sustainability & Food Security grant will build the agricultural advocates of tomorrow through instruction and hands-on learning. Collaboration between Missouri State University, the University of Central Missouri, and Northwest Missouri State University will create two courses offered at each university. One course will be an animal science travel class that will highlight producers, research centers and universities specializing in animal science and sustainable agriculture practices. The class will provide students from each of the cooperating universities a chance to experience innovation and technology in their field of study. The second course offered will be a course in agricultural advocacy. The class will teach students how to handle the negative opinions that are often bestowed upon the agriculture industry in a professional manner. As a class, the students will plan and host a forum that is open to the general public to emphasize and educate about the importance of agriculture. The awarded grant will also sponsor undergraduate and graduate research projects that will be centered on sustainable agricultural practices. Students will perform their research projects and publish in a scientific journal as well as write popular press materials to be distributed and seen by the public. This will serve as an additional component to the agriculture advocacy mission that this grant is focused on.