Ranch Management Minor

​​​​​​​Manage a successful ranch

Journagan Ranch manager Marty Leuck speaking to students about cattle.​​​​​​​

Improve your understanding of the knowledge and skills required for managing the resources of modern farms and ranches. 

Develop a systems approach to balancing the complex interactions of animal needs, natural resources, land, labor and capital.

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Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center to declare a minor in ranch management.

Ranch Management

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Science
  1. AGB 584(3), AGP 370(3), AGS 496(3).
  2. Two courses from: AGS 432(3), AGS 446(3), AGS 452(3), AGS 453(3).
  3. One additional course from each of the two following groups to total at least 20 hours:
    1. Group A: AGS 310(3), AGS 311(3), AGS 302(3).
    2. Group B: AGN 143(3), AGN 323(3), AGN 543(3), BIO 373(3).