Program Requirements

Degree requirements (32 hours)

Required Courses – 9 hours

AGR790: Research Methodology (3 hrs)

AGR797: Graduate Seminar (1 hr)

AGR 730 Design/Analysis of Field Experiments (2 hrs)

QBA 775: Quantitative Methods in Business Decision Making (3 hrs) OR BIO 650 Stat Methods for Biologist (3 hrs)

Research Requirement – 12 hours

Thesis Option: The Thesis option requires the completion of a research thesis supervised by the student's advisory committee. The thesis shall be approved by the advisory committee and by the Graduate College before the degree is granted. A maximum of six hours of thesis credit can be applied toward the minimum hours required for the master's degree. An oral defense of the thesis is required.

AGR798 Graduate Research (6 hrs)

AGR799 Graduate Thesis (6 hrs)

Non-Thesis Option: The Non-Thesis option requires the completion of a minimum of one semester course which shall require an extensive research paper or creative work. The student's advisory committee must approve the final research paper and complete a Seminar Report Form that is submitted to the academic department chosen as the major area of concentration and subsequently to the Graduate College for the approval of the Dean.

AGR798 Graduate Research (6 hrs)

Additional Course work (6 hrs)

Graduate Internship Option: The Graduate Internship option required the completeion of 6 hours of Graduate Internship and other requirements as outlined by the Graduate Advisor for the Internship option.

AGR796 Graduate Internship (6 hours)

Additional Course work (6 hrs)

Specialty Area Courses and additional Elective Hours – 11 hours

Specialty Area: Natural Resources

AGP 675, Plant Breeding and Genetics

AGP 730 Techniques in Plant Breeding/Advanced Plant Breeding

AGE 628 Molecular Breeding Techniques

AGN 725 Advanced Soils Interpretations

AGN 655 Soil Genesis, Morphology and Classification

AGP 665 Grain Crops for Food, Feed, and Fiber*

AGP 685 Weed Ecology and Management*

AGN 605 Advanced Soil Fertility

AGP 653 Advanced Turf Science

Specialty Area: Agricultural Economics/Business

AGB 624, Agricultural Prices

AGB514: International Trade

AGB 634: Production Economics

Specialty Area: Animal Science

AGS 611 – Nutrition and Metabolism

AGS 661 – Equine Nutrition and Physiology

AGS 712 – Special Topics in Animal Science

AGS 716 – Mammalian Reproduction and Physiology

AGS 602 Applied Animal Reproduction

AGS 652 Advanced Beef Production*

AGS 646 Advanced Dairy Production*

AGS 742 Conversion of Muscle to Meat*

AGS 701 Investigation of Livestock and Companion Animal Physiology*

AGS 632 – Sheep/Goat*

AGS 703 – Growth Physiology*

*course being developed

Additional recommended elective courses

ECO 600: Fundamentals of Economics

ECO 609: Applied Econometrics

ECO 615: Public Sector Economics

ECO 640:  Economics of the Environment

ECO 665: International Economics

QBA 775: Quantitative Methods in Business Decision Making

PLS 756: Financial Management of State and Local Government

COM 712: Quantitative Method in Communication

COM714: Qualitative Analysis in Communication

Comprehensive examination

A written qualifying examination will be administered after most of the course work has been completed. This examination must be passed by the candidate before a degree will be given.