Producing, caring for and using plants

The study of horticulture focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary for effectively producing, caring for and using plants, grasses, fruits and vegetables. If you have a green thumb, a minor in horticulture provides you with specialized plant-based knowledge, skills and experiences.

Minor requirements

To complete a 20-hour minor in horticulture, you must complete the following courses:


  1. Additional hours from the following courses to total at least 20 hours: AGP 333(3), 353(2), 363(3), 393(3), 441(3), 543(3), 573(3), 583(3)

Adding a minor

To add a minor, please visit the Academic Advising and Transfer Center in University Hall 109. You may need to receive a signature from the head of the College of Agriculture to authorize the addition of a horticulture minor.