Ranch Management Minor

Manage a successful ranch

Journagan Ranch manager Marty Leuck speaking to students about cattle.

Improve your understanding of the knowledge and skills required for managing the resources of modern farms and ranches.

Develop a systems approach to balancing the complex interactions of animal needs, natural resources, land, labor and capital.

Choose your minor

Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center to declare a minor in ranch management.

Ranch Management

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Science
  1. AGB 584(3), AGP 370(3), AGS 496(3).
  2. Two courses from: AGS 432(3), AGS 446(3), AGS 452(3), AGS 453(3).
  3. One additional course from each of the two following groups to total at least 20 hours:
    1. Group A: AGS 310(3), AGS 311(3), AGS 302(3).
    2. Group B: AGN 143(3), AGN 323(3), AGN 543(3), BIO 373(3).