Equine Science Undergraduate Program

Student putting collar on horse.

Manage, train and care for horses

Turn your love of horses into a career.

Gain in-depth knowledge of horse nutrition, reproduction, management and more.

As an equine science major, your classes and training prepare you for a successful career working with horses.

Why major in equine science at Missouri State?

Horses at Darr Agriculture Center.

Raise your knowledge of horses

From science to business, you’ll know everything there is to know about horses (equine). Your classes cover horse nutrition, health care, judging, training, management and more.

Student handling horse in stable.

Gain industry knowledge

Build your experience while in school. This major provides you many hands-on experiences in the management and training of horses. You’ll have access to great facilities.

Student and professor examining plants in greenhouse.

Expand your Ag base

You won’t only learn about horses. Your classes also give you exposure to other livestock, plant and agriculture topics like business and communication.

Student standing in front of tractor.

Have versatility for your career

Fill key positions in the agriculture industry. Your all-around knowledge helps you meet a growing need for skilled employees.

Possible careers with an equine science degree

In this program, you can apply concepts from the classroom to industry-like experiences. 

You’ll build the necessary skills to handle and maintain horses.

Career options include but are not limited to:

  • Management of equine operations
  • Riding instruction
  • Horse training or feed
  • Pharmaceutical sales