Facilities and Resources

If you are interested in reserving space in one of the agriculture facilities, contact Carrie Crews at 417-837-2500.

Expanding your opportunities

The Darr College of Agriculture offers state-of-the-art facilities on both the Springfield and Mountain Grove campuses of Missouri State University. Through these facilities, our faculty members and academic programs provide laboratory, hands-on learning and research experiences.

Baker's Acres

Baker's Acres shares space with Baker's Observatory, located northwest of Marshfield. This property is home to cattle and helps support animal science and beef production studies.

Darr Agricultural Center

Darr Ag Center

Located in southwest Springfield at 2401 S. Kansas Expressway and consisting of 90 acres of land, the Darr Agricultural Center (DAC) reflects the relationship between agriculture's rural origin and the more urban setting of modern America. The University's public affairs mission is demonstrated at the DAC through many community service projects such as cattle shows and auctions, equine workshops, animal judging contests, horticulture tours and hosting Therapeutic Riding of the Ozarks.

The center's facilities include an agriculture research and demonstration center, Pinegar Arena and green space. Laboratory sessions are taught in agronomy, animal science (both cattle and horses), field crops, horticulture and wildlife conservation and management. Offices, a laboratory, two classrooms and a large multipurpose space are also located in the new Christopher S. Bond Learning Center.

The phone number is 417-837-2500. For more information about the Center, visit the Darr Agricultural Center history page.

If you are interested in renting the Darr Center for your special event, contact Darr@MissouriState.edu

Fruit Experiment Station

Fruit Experiment Station

Located on the Mountain Grove campus, the Fruit Experiment Station is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of the Missouri fruit crop industry. Primarily, the Fruit Experiment Station supports a variety of plant research and advisory programs in fruit crops.

Undergraduate students may access the Fruit Experiment Station during select research courses, an internship experience or an independent study project. Graduate students in the plant science master's program may utilize the station for thesis research. The Station's Faculty and Staff teach and conduct research.

The Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station was founded in 1899 and became a part of Missouri State University in 1972. Due to the shifting focus of the fruit crop industry in Missouri, the station has shifted its focus through the years, from apple and peach orchards to juice grapes to wine grapes.

For more information, visit the Fruit Experiment Station on the Mountain Grove campus website.

Karls Hall


Most agriculture courses are taught at Karls Hall located on the Springfield campus of Missouri State. Karls Hall is home to numerous classrooms, administrative offices, two auditoriums and an agriculture research and demonstration center. A full greenhouse is also located on the third floor of the building.

Kindrick Family Farm

Rustic barn on the Kindrick farm.

Gifted to the College of Agriculture in 2017 by Rev. Dr. Paula Kindrick Hartsfield and George Hartsfield, the Kindrick Family Farm has expanded the ability of the College to prepare undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of grain crop production, horticulture and conservation. At 80-acres, the facility gives students hands-on experiential learning in plant science, natural resources and soil science. 

Journagan Ranch

Leo and Jean Journagan Transfer Students

Cow Lineup

The Journagan Ranch, generously donated to the College by the Leo Journagan family, is a 3,300 acre working cattle ranch located 60 miles from Springfield and 10 miles from Mountain Grove. Its land, facilities and herd of Hereford cattle, the largest purebred herd in Missouri and 15th in the United States, provide Missouri State students the opportunity to gain hands-on ranching experience through a unique internship program that has benefited dozens of students, for some, their first experience on a farm.

Also, the diversity of the land, with its forests, streams and pastures, hold numerous opportunities for University research for faculty and students in biology, forestry, geology, genetics, plant science, soil quality and wildlife management.

The Woodlands

Acquired by the College of Agriculture in 2013, The Woodlands is home to a variety of forest ecosystems including three natural cave systems, Ozarks wildlife, and oak trees over 120 years old. Most of the property has not been managed or harvested in over 120 years, making it a prime location for student research and education. The south side of the property is home to Depression-era transient camp ruins, deeming the land historical.