William H. Darr College of Agriculture

Specializing in food forage and natural resources

At the Darr College of Agriculture, we integrate excellence in teaching, service and research into everything we do. You will have opportunities to choose from a diverse range of agricultural disciplines through courses that provide specialization along with broad-based knowledge.

Whether through internships, laboratory experiences or research opportunities, the College of Agriculture provides hands-on learning opportunities that expand your working knowledge of agriculture issues. You will develop into an agriculture professional, ready to serve your community and your field.

The Springfield and Mountain Grove campuses

Our programs integrate hands-on experiences at our numerous agriculture facilities on both the Springfield and Mountain Grove campuses at Missouri State. While the Springfield location is the primary home for the Darr College of Agriculture, the Mountain Grove campus supports a number of plant research opportunities, including the creation of disease-resistant grape varieties and integrated pest management. As a student, you may participate in these nationally recognized research projects, allowing you to apply your education directly and learn through experience.

Explore our minors

We offer a diverse range of minors to complement many different majors.

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Knowledge based on experience — Missouri State's approach to learning sets you up for success with insight from expert faculty, personalized advising and a diverse range of courses.

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A smart investment in your future — Missouri State delivers enriching opportunities along with affordable costs and extensive financial aid options.