Pre-vet student and veterinarian doing medical checkup on a dog.

Prepare for veterinary school

If you want to become a veterinarian, pre-vet is a great place to start.

Have the courses and foundation you need to apply to a college of veterinary medicine, where you can become a veterinarian.

As a veterinarian, you'll protect and care for the health of animals.

Why take pre-veterinary medicine at Missouri State?

Student and professor working together in lab room.

Have expert guidance on vet school

Your faculty and advisors help you reach a big milestone: Getting into veterinary school. They provide the training and insight you need to reach the next level.

Professor showing student vaccination techniques on a horse.

Build a strong foundation in science and animals

Work directly with animals. In your classes, you'll explore livestock, equine and small animal reproduction, plus nutrition, preventative health and behavior.

Animal science students in cap and gown with professor at commencement ceremony.

Become a successful applicant

We’ll help you meet all admission requirements for the veterinary school you want to pursue. Most pre-vet students at Missouri State go on to earn their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree.

Pre-vet students doing medical checkup on a dog.

Job shadow current veterinarians

Our pre-vet program has a strong reputation around the area. You can land jobs and internships at local veterinary hospitals and other places.

About Missouri State’s pre-vet program

Pre-vet isn’t a degree. It’s a curriculum (set of courses) that prepares you for admission into a school or college of veterinary medicine.

Most veterinary schools don’t require a bachelor’s degree for admission.

Other career options for pre-veterinary students

As you complete Missouri State's pre-vet program, you’re set up to earn a bachelor’s degree (major) in animal science. Review the pre-vet program requirements or sample schedules below for more details.

A bachelor’s degree makes you more marketable and gives you a backup plan if you decide veterinary school isn’t for you.

Completion plans and resources

Do you want to finish your bachelor's degree (major) first, or have an early start on vet school?

Review a pre-vet completion plan that matches your goals and needs.

Sample schedule
Complete a bachelor’s degree in animal science before you start veterinary school. Have the right credentials to enter veterinary school after you graduate.
Sample schedule
Go to vet school sooner and finish your bachelor's degree later.
Ease your transfer process to Missouri State.
Student handling a horse.
Careers and outcomes
Be prepared to enter veterinary school and become a veterinarian.