Transferring Credit to Missouri State

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As a transfer student, the courses you took at your previous university or college will be evaluated to determine what credit you will receive at Missouri State. For more information about the transfer process, visit the office of admissions.

Within the Darr College of Agriculture, you may choose to have your transfer course reevaluated on an individual basis. To determine how your courses will transfer and fit with your desired program of study at Missouri State, you should make an appointment to meet with either Dr. Ken Brown, interim dean of the College of Agriculture, or Jim Bellis, director of student services and public affairs in agriculture, by contacting the dean's office at 417-836-5638.


As a transfer student in the College of Agriculture, you are invited to schedule an appointment with the dean or director of student services to determine what requirements you have left to complete. In some cases, you may be pre-approved to take an online course at the University while concurrently enrolled at your current school. This allows you to begin fulfilling program requirements at the University before your transfer is complete.

For more information about scheduling and registering for classes, visit the transfer advisement page.

Transfer recommendations

The Darr College of Agriculture maintains strong relationships with area community colleges, which eases the transfer process. If you plan on transferring to the University after completing a year or even an associate’s degree at a community college, it is recommended that you take introductory classes in any agriculture area.

Also, you should keep any syllabus from an agriculture course you take at your former college or university. While these are not required for transfer evaluation, course descriptions are oftentimes valuable in determining what course you will receive credit for.