Wildlife Conservation and Management Undergraduate Program

Why study wildlife conservation and management at Missouri State?

  • This program is a unique blend of agriculture and biology courses, which address all aspects of wildlife biology, conservation and environmental management, providing you with a well-rounded skill set.
  • Our courses integrate field trips and laboratory experiences to provide you with hands-on learning opportunities that allow you to directly apply your education.
  • You interact with fellow students and professionals in the field through internship experiences and student organizations, which increases your networking opportunities and facilitates professional development.

Protect and preserve natural habitats and wildlife

The wildlife conservation and management program at Missouri State blends course work in agriculture and biology to prepare you to help preserve natural habitats, educate others about their role in conservation and to protect endangered species and environments. Specifically, our program includes courses in forestry, soils, ecology, fisheries and wildlife management, biology and plants. Through elective courses, you can focus your education on agronomy, animal science or wildlife biology.

This program is offered in cooperation with the biology department. Through the College of Agriculture, you receive a foundation of agricultural concepts and are prepared to work in careers that focus on humans, such as education and conservation, whereas the biology option focuses on wildlife biology.

Educate, protect and preserve with your degree in wildlife and conservation management.


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