Admission and Program Requirements

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Certificate in Agricultural Business and Economics

Arbindra Rimal, Program Director
Karls Hall, Room 219; Phone 417-837-5094

Program description

This certificate is designed for students who aspire to have careers in government, business, or NGOs related to agricultural business and economics. This certificate is administered by the Department of Agribusiness, Agricultural Education and Communication.

Program requirements – 12 hours

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
  Complete 6 hours from at least 2 of the following agribusiness courses: 6 hrs
AGB 614 International Agricultural Trade  
AGB 624 Agricultural Prices  
AGB 684 Advanced Farm Business Management  
AGB 694 Agricultural Entrepreneurship  
AGR 796 Science Internship  
  Complete 6 hours (2 courses) from the following economics courses: 6 hrs
ECO 600 Fundamentals of Economics  
ECO 609 Applied Econometrics  
ECO 640 Economics of the Environment  

Completion requirements

Students must attain a grade of B or better in all courses used to fulfill the certificate requirements.