Providing direction for success

The faculty members in the Darr College of Agriculture are committed to helping you plan and schedule your courses to successfully fulfill university requirements and achieve your academic and career goals.

To ensure that you are on track with your degree, plan to meet with your academic advisor at least once a semester.

Undergraduate advising

You're assigned an advisor within your chosen program of study (major).

To be assigned an advisor, contact Jim Bellis (, director of student services and public affairs.

If you have forgotten your assigned advisor, log in to My Missouri State and select the Student tab, then the Student Profile link.

Once you have been assigned an advisor within the Darr College of Agriculture, you can contact your advisor directly to schedule your advising appointments.

If you have completed less than 60 hours, you are required to speak with and receive your advisor’s release before registering for classes.

Graduate advising

Your advisor depends on your degree program.

You must receive advisor release before registering for classes each semester. You're also required to submit an advisor approved program of study (.pdf) to the Graduate College before you complete 14 credit hours.

Agriculture, plant science or natural and applied science

If you are pursuing a master’s degree in agriculture, plant science or natural and applied science, you will begin the advising process by contacting Dr. Arbindra Rimal (, the graduate program director.

With Dr. Rimal’s assistance, you will then select a graduate faculty member with expertise in your chosen emphasis area to serve as the chair of your advisory committee, which will supervise the remainder of your program.


If you are pursuing a Master of Education, Secondary Education with an emphasis in agriculture, contact Dr. Jim Hutter (, associate professor of agriculture, at 417-836-5096.