Clean Grapevine Program

Grapes are susceptible to many viral diseases that may affect berry quality, cause vine decline, and premature vine death. Unlike in fungal and bacterial diseases, chemicals cannot control a viral disease. The most effective strategy to mitigate viral diseases in your vineyard is to start clean by planting clean vines, and utilizing appropriate insect control measures to maintain them, and removing virus-infected vines.

The following wine grape varieties have been tested free of major grapevine viruses by the most sensitive method and are available at the Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station:

Red grapes


Chambourcin grape

  • Hybrid grape, late season ripening
  • Large, loose clusters, vigorous grower
  • Needs a long growing season


Norton grape

  • Thought to be an American species of grape, Vitis aestivalis
  • Late ripening (October), disease resistant
  • Small berries and clusters

White grapes

Cayuga White

Cayuga White grapes

  • Hybrid grape, early ripening
  • Often harvested in the early ripening stages
  • Fairly disease resistant; Productive


Chardonel grapes

  • Hybrid grape, late-season ripening
  • Seyval blanc and Chardonnay cross



  • Hybrid grape of Norton and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Small clusters, not extremely tight
  • Late bud break and later harvest than most white grape cultivars
  • Moderate disease resistance




  • Hybrid disease resistant grape
  • High yield, frost hardy



Traminette grapes

  • Hybrid grape, late ripening
  • Gewuerztraminer cross

Vidal Blanc

VIdal Blanc grapes

  • Hybrid grape, mid season ripening
  • Long loose clusters, needs cluster thinning


VIgnoles grapes

  • Hybrid grape, suitable for many
  • Styles of wine, midseason ripening
  • Very tight clusters



  • Hybrid grape
  • Highly productive
  • Will need cluster thinning

For more information on grape cultivars check the National Grape Registry.

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For questions about availability or additional information about cultivars, please contact:

Sylvia Petersen

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This program is supported by the Clean Plant Network and the Missouri Wine and Grape Board.