Cold Hardiness of Grapes

Cold Hardiness of Grapes: A guide for Missouri growers

by Marilyn Odneal

Grapevine hardiness is a major factor in the selection of species and varieties for production in a particular area. Cultivated grapevines are often grown in areas not entirely suited to their optimum growth and development. The grower must choose cultivars, sites, and cultural techniques that will maximize profit as well as produce a quality product from season to season. Cold injury is, at times, a problem in Missouri and must be considered in order to maintain consistent, high quality production. This bulletin is organized to introduce the problem of cold injury to grapevine, to list cultural techniques that minimize or prevent injury, and to provide a reference to winter bud hardiness data from the State Fruit Experiment Station at Mountain Grove.

B-41 published December 1984; adapted for the Web, February, 2001.