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Clean Grapevine Program

Red grapes


Chambourcin grape

  • Hybrid grape, late season ripening
  • Large, loose clusters, vigorous grower
  • Needs a long growing season


Norton grape

  • Thought to be an American species of grape, Vitis aestivalis
  • Late ripening (October), disease resistant
  • Small berries and clusters

White grapes

Cayuga White

Cayuga White grapes

  • Hybrid grape, early ripening
  • Often harvested in the early ripening stages
  • Fairly disease resistant; Productive


Chardonel grapes

  • Hybrid grape, late season ripening
  • Seyval blanc and Chardonnay cross


Traminette grapes

  • Hybrid grape, late ripening
  • Gewuerztraminer cross

Vidal Blanc

VIdal Blanc grapes

  • Hybrid grape, mid season ripening
  • Long loose clusters, needs cluster
  • Thinning


VIgnoles grapes

  • Hybrid grape, suitable for many
  • Styles of wine, midseason ripening
  • Very tight clusters

For more information on grape cultivars check the National Grape Registry.

The grape cultivars are available as the following propagation units:

  • Class I, unrooted dormant hardwood cutting*
  • Class II, rooted green wood cuttings in 4” plastic pots
  • Class III, vines grown from shoot tips on culture media, only available by request. Please allow for about 8 weeks lead time on this item.

*Because of the difficulty in rooting dormant cuttings from Norton/Cynthiana, only class II and III propagation units are available for this cultivar.

Ordering Schedule, Pricing and Ordering Information

For questions about availability or additional information about cultivars, please contact:

Susanne Howard
Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station
9740 Red Spring Road
Mountain Grove, MO 65711

Phone: 417-547-7561
Fax: 417-547-7540

This program is supported by the Clean Plant Network, the Viticulture Consortium-East, and the Missouri Wine and Grape Board.