Companion Animal Science Minor

student holding companion cat

Foster a special relationship

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills for a growing industry.

Companion animals – like cats, dogs, birds and reptiles – provide a special connection to their humans.

Explore the care, nutrition, physiology, and reproduction of these unique animals.

Choose your minor

Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center to declare a minor in companion animal science.

Companion Animal Science

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

A minor in Companion Animal Science provides students with a broad foundation of knowledge in the physiology, anatomy, nutrition, reproduction, welfare, behavior, and husbandry of companion animals. The minor prepares students for all aspects of care and management of companion animals. Pre-veterinary students can utilize the curriculum in preparing for veterinary school.

  1. Complete AGS 101(3), 102(1), 185(3), 310(3), 385(3), 389(3), 485(3).

Careers and outcomes

The companion animal industry has expanded into $62 billion dollar per year industry in the United States alone. The public’s relationship with companion animal continues to drive growth in this area. Within this industry, there are numerous job opportunities for you.

Raise your credentials by adding a companion animal science minor. You can increase your chances to work in places and fields like:

  • Grooming facilities
  • Pet food industry
  • Pharmaceutical and product sales
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Research and product development
  • Shelter or veterinary clinic manager
  • Staff for breed associations
  • Staff with industry magazines
  • Therapy and rehabilitation centers
  • Training facilities
  • Veterinarian (As part of Pre-Vet preparation)