Companion Animal Science Minor

Foster a special relationship

Students socializing with puppies in class.

Thrive in a multibillion-dollar industry with the training and insight you need.

Companion animals – like cats, dogs, birds and reptiles – provide a special connection to their humans.

Explore the best ways to raise, care for, and utilize these animals.

Choose your minor

Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center to declare a minor in companion animal science.

Join a growing career field

The numbers don't lie: People love and need animals.

Totaling over $100 billion per year in the United States alone (source: American Pet Products Association), the companion animal industry is booming.

Within this industry, you'll discover many job opportunities.

Raise your credentials by adding a companion animal science minor. You can increase your chances to work in places and fields like:

  • Grooming facilities
  • Pet food industries
  • Pharmaceutical and product sales
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Research and product development
  • Shelter or veterinary clinic manager
  • Staff for breed associations
  • Staff with industry magazines
  • Therapy and rehabilitation centers
  • Training facilities
  • Veterinary care