Program Requirements

Helping you become a licensed veterinarian

Pre-vet is your road map toward veterinary school.

Every veterinary school has different admission requirements – courses you need to take before you start there.

Pre-Professional Curriculum in Veterinary Medicine

Students considering the Pre-Veterinary Program should consult with the Pre-Veterinary advisor in the College of Agriculture. Learn more: Pre-Veterinary Program

Option I: To be eligible to apply to the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri, a minimum of 64 hours must be completed including the following courses:

  1. CHM 160(4), 161(1), 170(3), 171(1), 201(3), 202(2), 352(3).
  2. COM 115(3); ENG 110(3); MTH 138(5) or 136(3) and 137(3); PHY 123(4) and 124(4).
  3. 10 hours of biological sciences: BIO 212(2) and 213(1); and BIO 380(5) are recommended.
  4. Additional 10 hours of coursework in the social sciences and humanities.

Option II: By completing this option of approximately 100 hours, a student may apply for a BS degree with a major in Animal Science from Missouri State University after successfully completing the first two years in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

  1. General Education Requirements (45 hours)
  2. Science and Mathematics Requirements (38-47 hours): BIO 212(2) and 213(1); or BIO 312(3) and 313(2), BIO 380(5); CHM 160(4),* 161(1),* 170(3), 171(1), 201(3), 202(2), and 352(3); MTH 138(5)* or 136(3)* and 137(3)*; and PHY 123(4)* and 124(4).
  3. Agriculture Requirements (32 hours): AGS 101(3), 102(1), 301(3), 302(3) or 306(3), 311(3), 316(3) and 511(3); AGN 115(3) or AGP 103(3); AGN 215(3); AGB 144(4); AGR 330(3).

*May count toward General Education requirements.

Pre-vet options: What to know

Option I and Option II are designed specifically for admission into the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine (Mizzou).

At Mizzou, you can earn the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree, which makes you a veterinarian.

  • Option I: Take only the minimum courses required for admission into veterinary school at Mizzou.
  • Option II: Take courses required for admission into veterinary school at Mizzou and courses that will later give you a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Missouri State.

In Option II, your credits from Mizzou will reverse transfer to Missouri State and complete your bachelor’s degree requirements. This agreement only exists with Mizzou.

Most pre-vet students choose Option II.

If you want to go somewhere other than Mizzou, consult with your advisor.

Download pre-vet completion sheet (.pdf)

Completion time

Option I, which requires at least 64 hours of course work, can be completed in about two years. However, only a few students are usually admitted to Mizzou's College of Veterinary Medicine with the minimum of 64 hours.

Option II can be completed in four or five years. You may be able to finish sooner if you have transfer or dual credit.

Take a different route: Get your bachelor’s degree first

You can also choose to complete a bachelor’s degree in animal science before you start veterinary school.

Review the animal science: pre-vet emphasis four-year plan for more details.

You will have the right courses and prerequisites to pursue your veterinary school of choice.

Resources for veterinary school

When you apply to veterinary school, you’ll use Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS).

The American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) sponsors VMCAS.

The following resources can aid your application process.

Note: It’s your responsibility to check with your desired college or colleges for any prerequisite changes.