Program Requirements

Pipevine swallowtail

If you are pursuing a wildlife conservation and management degree, you must meet the below requirements to be eligible for graduation. Also, you must complete the general education program, fulfill the general baccalaureate degree requirements and complete at least 125 hours of course work.

The wildlife conservation and management program is comprehensive, so it does not require the completion of a minor.

This program is offered through a cooperative partnership between the College of Agriculture and the department of biology. Therefore, you will take courses in both agriculture and biology. With an agriculture emphasis, you will take additional courses in business, horticulture and agronomy. You can tailor your course work to qualify for placement on fisheries biology, wildlife biology and social science registries.

Wildlife Conservation and Management (Comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

This major is offered in cooperation with the Biology Department.

Major requirements (65-68):

  1. Specific General Education Requirements: BIO 121(4); GLG 110(4) or GLG 171(3) or GRY 142(4); GRY 100(3) or GRY 108(3); MTH 130(3) or higher numbered mathematics course listed in the General Education Quantitative Literacy requirement.
  2. Agriculture requirements:
    1. AGN 115(3) or AGP 103(3); AGN 143(3), 215(3), 335(3); AGP 365(3) or AGP 370(3) or AGN 543(3); AGP 581(3); GEP 101(2) or UHC 110(2) or AGR 301(1) or BIO 302(1).
    2. Two courses from: AGB 354(2), AGN 351(2), AGN 465(3), AGP 583(3), AGP 585(3).
  3. Biology requirements:
    1. BIO 121(4)*, 122(4)*, 334(3), 339(2), 367(3), 368(1); BIO 373(3) or BIO 532(3).
    2. Two courses from: BIO 370(4), 573(3), 575(3), 576(3), 577(3).
  4. CHM 116(4) and 117(1); or CHM 160(4) and 161(1).
  5. 10 additional hours in courses numbered 200 or higher in Agriculture and/or Biology.
  6. AGR 490(1) or BIO 302(1); BIO 492(0).
  7. Public Affairs Capstone Experience Requirement will be fulfilled by completion of BIO 373(3) or BIO 532(3) and two courses from 3b.

University level requirements:

  1. General Education Program and Requirements
  2. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements