Dual MS in Plant Science

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Supporting international research and education

The William H. Darr College of Agriculture and Missouri State University have partnered with three universities in China to offer dual Master of Science in Plant Science degrees. These agreements allow students in China to take approximately half of the course work needed to complete a master’s degree at Missouri State through their home university in China.

By this advance agreement, those hours will be transferred knowing that they are needed, quality courses. Typically, more courses are accepted for transfer credit through these partnerships than is normally accepted.

The students who transfer to Missouri State through these agreements are then able to spend more time on research once stateside. Also, it shortens the amount of time required to complete the Master of Science in Plant Science degree.

University agreements

Currently, there are three universities in China that have an articulation agreement with Missouri State to participate in the dual MS program:

  • China Agricultural University in Beijing
  • Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University in Yangling, Shaanxi
  • Ningxia Forestry Institute, Ningxia University

For more information about the specifics of these agreements, contact Dr. Wenping Qiu at 417-547-7517.