Research Opportunities

William M. Darr Agricultural Center

Expanding your horizons

At Missouri State University, faculty and students participate in research to contribute to the public good and enhance the educational process. The Darr College of Agriculture provides numerous research opportunities and programs to help you discover new concepts and become an innovative thinker.

Research allows you to interpret, apply and share new knowledge with your fellow students and faculty members. Faculty-student interactions within the agriculture department provide meaningful research experiences for both undergraduate and graduate students. The Darr College of Agriculture commits to providing you the best environment, excellent faculty support and valuable opportunities as you follow your passion.

Research Opportunities

Outstanding facilities

Whether you are studying cattle ranching or plant growth, our outstanding facilities and laboratories support your research goals by providing state-of-the-art technologies and hands-on learning opportunities. Specifically, the Mountain Grove campus specializes in grape and small fruit research. Many students help conduct fruit research at the campus’ Fruit Experiment Station and additional research centers, including the Center for Grapevine Biotechnology.

The Darr Agricultural Center also supports the research of horse-related topics, horticulture issues, field crop concerns and conservation challenges. The large bovine herds and cattle ranch setting provided by Baker’s Acres and Journagan Ranch help students explore the environmental and production challenges of working with livestock.

Valuable opportunities

Through the facilities supported by the Darr College of Agriculture and the partnerships formed between faculty and students, you may participate in a variety of valuable, hands-on learning experiences. These opportunities provide vital job skills, enrich your understanding of various agriculture topics and expand your college experience.

Many undergraduate students participate in summer research internships at both Missouri State facilities and partner institutions. Through the Center for Grapevine Biotechnology on the Mountain Grove Campus, you will learn firsthand how to conduct genetic research and will develop your lab skills.

The Darr College of Agriculture also provides several opportunities to expand your understanding of agriculture and its impact internationally. A partnership with the Ningxia Forestry Institute in China allows undergraduate students to conduct research internationally and to explore a new culture. A service-learning course sends students to Nicaragua to partner with Project H.O.P.E., which provides economic and nutritional support by educating Nicaraguans about sustainable agriculture practices.

Graduate research

To complete a master’s degree in an agriculture-related field, graduate students conduct long-term research on a topic of their choice, which is developed in partnership with a faculty advisor. Some past research projects include studying how fescue impacts bovine body temperature, the impact of bio-solids on soil and the growth habits of horticulture plants.