Ozarks Arboretum

The Ozarks Arboretum is dedicated to environmental education and public appreciation of nature.  This living plant collection is located on the grounds of the Missouri State Campus at Mountain Grove. The arboretum is used for public and university education as well as a green space for public enjoyment. 

Arb Net Acceditation

The Arboretum presently has 185 specimens with over 80 species representing 24 different plant families. The collection includes  with some unusual examples for this the area such as balsam fir as well as several old growth trees. The arboretum is open to the public and is a good place to learn to identify trees adapted to Missouri.

The Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute OEWRI developed the arboretum map from GPS data of the identified plant species provided.

The Ozarks Arboretum is an ArbNet Accredited Arboretum at Level 1 listed on the Morton Register.

For further information contact:

Marilyn Odneal