Pricing and Ordering


Please order the propagation materials by the times indicated. Orders will be filled in the order that they were received and paid, if you order later than the deadlines indicated we cannot guaranty the availability of the cultivars you want. Payment and signed Grower (Non-propagation) Agreement are required before we start propagating or collecting cuttings for your order. For orders from outside the US, we also require a copy of your importation permit before we can fill your order.

  • Class I, (dormant, unrooted cutting, 3 buds) :  October 1 to March 15
  • Class II, ( rooted starts from greenwood) : January 1 to June 15
  • Class III, (tissue culture starts):  by special order only, allow approximately 8-10 weeks lead time

Note: Due to the low rooting percentage of dormant hardwood cuttings (class I) from the variety Norton, we only make greenwood cuttings (class II) of this variety available to the public.  Please ask about exceptions to that rule.


Class Cost for 1-100 cuttings Cost for > 100 cuttings
Class I $4.00 $2.00
Class II $5.50 $4.00
Class III $20.00 $18.00


You will receive an invoice for the shipping cost after your order has shipped. Due to the high amount of stress of the rooted greenwood cuttings in summer, we will only ship these as next day delivery. Pick up on location is encouraged for these plants, their survival increases greatly. We will try to accommodate specific shipping dates to make sure someone is home when the cuttings get there if at all possible.

Payment schedule

Any order of less than $200 is required to be fully paid. Prepayment in amount of half of the total price is required for domestic orders above $200. The remaining payment is due after the order is delivered to the buyer.

Mail orders

  • Print and sign the Grower Agreement
  • Print the Order Form, send both documents to the address listed on the order form
  • Include check or money order, made out to Missouri State University, or call to use your credit card

Please Note: Your order cannot be shipped before we have received the signed Grower Agreement and other permits, if applicable!