Agribusiness, Agricultural Education and Communications Department

Supporting the advancement of agriculture

The agribusiness, agricultural education and communications department in the William H. Darr College of Agriculture supports your academic pursuits in the areas of agribusiness, education, advocacy and communication.

This department also provides opportunities for students to enhance their classroom experiences by:

Undergraduate programs

Blending agriculture and business

The agricultural business program incorporates the learn-by-doing philosophy by providing classroom projects that emphasize the use of applied economic and business principles. The agribusiness sequence includes courses in agriculture, agribusiness, economics and business.

Teaching tomorrow’s agriculture leaders

The agriculture education program is dedicated to improving agriculture instruction in the state of Missouri by providing high quality training for professional educators. Whether your career goals lie in the classroom or agriculture business and industry, agriculture education offers many opportunities.

Promoting agriculture interests

The agricultural communications sequence combines a broad background in agriculture, education and leadership training with course work and experiences in the field of communication. This program develops agricultural communicators who will promote and serve the needs of the agricultural industry.