Traditional Master's in Plant Science

Growth in petri dish

Exploring new ways to produce and use plants

In the traditional format, the plant science graduate program is a 32-hour program that can be completed in about four or five semesters, if you maintain full-time student status. Most course work is completed by the end of your second or third semester, with your research and corresponding thesis completed by the end of your fourth or fifth semester.

Research thesis

The completion of a thesis is a requirement for students in the plant science graduate program. During your first semester, you declare an area of specialization and begin to pursue a research project under the supervision of your graduate faculty advisory committee.

Based on faculty expertise and facility features, you will find many possible research areas to pursue:

  • Crop management systems
  • Economic botany 
  • Enology and viticulture (study of grapes) 
  • Entomology
  • Fruit production
  • Horticulture/pomology
  • Ornamental plants and landscaping
  • Plant genetics and molecular biology
  • Plant physiology/ecology
  • Plant protection

Comprehensive exam

In addition to completing a thesis, all plant science graduate students must pass a comprehensive exam, which is taken during your second year in the program.