MNAS Agriculture Emphasis

Why choose the MNAS agriculture emphasis at Missouri State?

  • The natural and applied science graduate program is an interdisciplinary program that blends course work in at least two different emphasis areas to create a program of study that is uniquely tailored to your needs and interests.
  • You receive professional advisement and research support from our faculty, who assist you in planning your schedule, developing your research goals and overseeing your thesis or seminar process.
  • You further your technical agriculture education while integrating courses in science areas that complement your agricultural interests, gaining well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the subjects related to your professional and research interests.
  • Our greenhouse, fruit experiment station and ranch facilities allow you unparalleled opportunities to explore plant, cattle, equine, grape, soil and water issues.
  • The natural and applied science program is an eligible graduate program in the Missouri Outreach Graduate Opportunity Scholarship, which waives out-of-state tuition for qualified students.

Furthering your scientific and technical agriculture education

Through faculty advising and support, you create a program of study that helps you fulfill your professional and educational goals, while preparing you for advanced science applications and teaching.

You may select agriculture as your primary area of study within the natural and applied sciences. Your core course work will then focus on advanced agriculture science, research and trends. Complete the Statement of Interest form and send it in to tell us of the subject areas within agriculture that you would like to explore.

Career opportunities

The program specifically focuses on preparing you for careers related to teaching or researching agricultural issues:

  • Agribusiness
  • Animal reproduction
  • Environmental preservation
  • Extension education
  • Forestry
  • Faculty positions at community colleges
  • High school teaching
  • Loan officers looking into agriculture portfolios
  • Ranch production and management
  • Research associates in the applied fields relating to agriculture