Environmental Plant Science Undergraduate Program

Why study environmental plant science at Missouri State?

  • The environmental plant science program is broad-based, preparing you for a multitude of career paths, from owning your own greenhouse or nursery business, managing a row-crop or forage operation, or working as a crop consultant or molecular plant breeding specialist. 
  • Our program can prepare you for entrepreneurship or continuing your education at the graduate level.
  • Our 3,900 square foot greenhouse offers you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through lab classes and research opportunities.
  • Faculty in the College of Agriculture stay connected with community partners and alumni, who provide you with internship opportunities and field experiences to further develop your professional skills.

From fields, gardens and pastures to landscapes and vineyards

The environmental plant science program blends your passion for the outdoors with hands-on experience working with plants through courses in plant management, protection, diseases and design. One program option also incorporates business fundamentals to prepare you for managing your own greenhouse, landscape, grain, hay or other plant-based business.

A degree in environmental plant science is a firm foundation for careers in a wide range of fields, including landscaping, greenhouse management, public parks and more.


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