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Acceptance into a graduate program at Missouri State requires admission into both the Graduate College and the specific master’s program. Therefore, acceptance into the Graduate College does not automatically provide acceptance into the specific graduate program.

Follow these steps to apply to the Master of Science in Plant Science program:

  1. Apply through a central application
  2. Pay the application fee
  3. Submit one copy of your official transcripts and your GRE scores from the general test portion to the Graduate College

Acceptance into the plant science graduate program is dependent on the specified admission requirements.

Application deadlines

The deadline to submit applications for admission for the fall semester is July 20, for the spring semester is December 20 and for the summer semester is May 20.

Accelerated master’s option

An accelerated master’s option is available for eligible undergraduate students currently majoring in a science-based field at Missouri State. Information about how to apply for the accelerated master’s option is available on the program requirements page.