Greenhouse and High Tunnel Workshop 2018

Wednesday and Thursday, October 17 and 18, 2018
State Fruit Experiment Station Mountain Grove - Missouri State University
9740 Red Spring Road
Mountain Grove, MO 65711

Our workshop featured:

Oyster mushroom production in high tunnels, Greenhouse Bedding Plant Production, Transplant Production, Tomatoes, Evolution of the Greenhouse Industry, Peppers and Eggplant Production in High Tunnels and Microgreens. Greenhouse and High Tunnel Demonstration Plantings also were highlighted.

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Presentation reprints:

Tomato Grafting by Cheri Hamilton, C & H Plants

50 Years of Greenhouse Evolution by Rego Jones, NW Missouri State

Bedding Plant Production by Cheri Hamilton, C & H Plants

Small-scale Production of Oyster Mushroom by D. K. Lee and Jeremy Shafer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Plant Propagation by Rego Jones, NW Missouri State

High Tunnel Pepper and Eggplant Production by Patrick Byers, University of Missouri

Microgreen Production by Jennifer Morganthaler, Missouri State University

Ginger and Turmeric Production in High Tunnels by Karen Scott, OakWoods Farm


Brought to you by:
Missouri State University * University of Missouri Extension * Lincoln University
USDA-NRCS and Industry Sponsors

MPR Irrigation * BWI Companies * High Caliper Grow Bags * Johnny's Selected Seed
Grimes Horticulture* Atlas Greenhouses Inc. * Morgan County Seed
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The Greenhouse and High Tunnel planning committee:
UMC – Patrick Byers and Kelly McGowan
Lincoln – Nashon Bishop and Touria Eaton
USDA-NRCS - Drexel Atkisson
Missouri State – Jennifer Morganthaler, Leslie Akers, Susanne Howard and Marilyn Odneal (chair)

Leslie Akers 
Workshop Facilitator

Missouri State University
Darr College of Agriculture
Mountain Grove Campus
9740 Red Spring Road
Mountain Grove, MO 65711-2999