MSU VESTA-linked Master's Program

Missouri State University in partnership with the VESTA National Center offers the MSU VESTA-linked Master of Science in Plant Science (MSPS) degree with emphasis in Enology and/or Viticulture awarded from Missouri State University, Darr College of Agriculture. Approximate completion time is 2.5 years.

Students take Missouri State University Agriculture graduate-level courses and the undergraduate Vesta courses that are linked to them. Each semester students enroll in both the graduate courses at Missouri State University along with the linked VESTA courses. Missouri State University graduate tuition fees are based on Missouri resident rates (regardless of residency) for this online program. The VESTA courses require a separate tuition fee through the VESTA Program partner community colleges. The graduate courses are delivered online through Missouri State University. The linked VESTA courses will be delivered online from the VESTA partner institutions.

Program tracks

Two program tracks are available (cost estimates are included in the program track information):

  1. Non-thesis where a topic is selected for literature review resulting in a paper and seminar presentation.
  2. Internship to be completed at the Missouri State Mountain Grove campus resulting in a paper and seminar presentation.

Prospective Student Step-by-Step

1. If you are interested in this program, the first step is to arrange a computer/phone conference with the MSU-Vesta linked program group to discuss whether or not this program meets your needs.

2. If it is decided that the program is right for you, then you will proceed to apply for admission through the MSU Graduate College.

3. Upon successful admittance into graduate school, you will be contacted by the MSU-Vesta linked program director and you will be assigned an advisor to help plan your program of study and to assist in the selection of a non-thesis topic or to supervise the internship.

The program of study template will help you and your advisor plan your path. Final seminars will be held with the student’s graduate committee via computer conferencing.

Program at-a-glance