Wenping Qiu, Ph. D.

Wenping Qiu, Ph. D.

Professor and Director
The Center for Grapevine Biotechnology
William H. Darr College of Agriculture
Missouri State University
9740 Red Spring Road
Mountain Grove, MO 65711-2999
Telephone: 417-547-7517
Fax: 417-547-7540
Email: wenpingqiu@missouristate.edu


Ph.D. Plant Pathology/Biotechnology (minor), North Carolina State University, 1997
M.S. Virology, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1988
B.S. Biology, Henan Teacher’s University, P. R. China, 1985


Professor, William H. Darr College of Agriculture, Missouri State University
Adjunct Professor, Department of Fruit Sciences, China Agricultural University
Adjunct Associate Professor, Division of Plant Sciences, University of Missouri
Website: http://plantsci.missouri.edu/faculty/qiu.htm

Research Interests

Genetic and molecular mechanism of grapevine’s defense against pathogens

Pathogens cause significant losses to grape production. Effective defense strategies have been developed in wild grapevine (Vitis species) native to North American continent where these pathogens originate. Our research focuses on understanding the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying grapevine’s resistance against diseases. We are conducting hypothesis-based research projects and discovering agriculturally important genes by high throughput technology.

grape disease

Characterization of new grapevine viruses

A severe vein clearing and vine decline disease has emerged on major grape varieties in commercial vineyards in the Midwest region of USA. We have identified a novel DNA virus in grapevines that develop the disease symptoms. We have sequenced the whole genome of the provisionally named Grapevine vein clearing virus (GVCV). We are investigating the origins, genetic variability, epidemiology and pathogenesis of GVCV. We are exploring management strategies to reduce the potential damage of GVCV to grapevine.

grape virus

The Midwest grapevine tissue-culture and virus testing laboratory

The Laboratory is to meet the special needs of the Midwest grape and wine industries that rely on American grapevines and American-French hybrids. The Laboratory produces virus-tested elite grape varieties, provides services of testing grapevine viruses, and conducts outreach and research on grapevine viruses. We have generated seven virus-tested grape varieties that are suitable for the Midwest region. We are maintaining a foundation vineyard of these grape varieties and provide propagation materials to nurseries and growers.
Website: Clean Grapevine Program